Timber Joints for Woodworking

Timber differs in structural characteristics. Any woodworker should have an understanding of timber to make sure that he can choose the right material for his projects. Timber is divided into three classes – structural material, shop and factory lumber and yard lumber. It is subdivided into common lumber and select lumber.

clamping square joint

Common lumber is used for utility purposes and general construction. It is identified from different grade names.

  • 1 – Also known as watertight lumber, No. 1 is tight knotted and durable. It can be used without waste.
  • 2 – No. 2 common lumber is usually used for sheathing, framing and other structural forms where the strain or stress isn’t too much. Its general quality is similar to No. 1.
  • 3 – No. 3 common lumber is ideal for rough work like rough flooring, footing and guardrails. It allows some waste.
  • 4 – It has coarse features such as holes and decay. No. 4 is used for roof boards, sheathing and subfloors in cheaper construction. It is often used for crates and boxes.
  • 5 – No. 5 is used for crates, dunnage and boxes with low quality requirements. It’s not manufactured in some timber varieties.

Select lumber has an excellent finish and physical appearance.

  • Grade A – practically clear and ideal for natural finishes
  • Grade B – generally clear and perfect for natural finishes like Grade A
  • Grade C – ideal for high quality paint finish
  • Grade D – perfect for paint finishes between common grades and high-finishing grades

Sizes Available

Timber is usually sawn into average dimensions, providing uniformity in ordering materials and planning structures. Standards have been set for dimension differences regarding the quoted dimensions of timber and its average sizes when dressed. Quoted size indicates dimensions before surfacing. The common dimension difference is 2″ x 4″. It will be the nominal dimension, but the real dressed size is 1 ½” x 3 ½”. The exact size of dressed timber is less than the sawn dimensions due to finishing and drying.

Uses of Timber

Timber is used in frame construction. It used mainly for the walls and frame. For frames, it is used to support the finished parts of a structure such as the joists, beams and girders, posts, top plates, rafters, subfloors, knee braces and sole plates. Softwoods are also used for wood framing. No.2 common lumber is often used for framing. Girders, beams and other heavy frame parts are made by combining various components of the framing material.

The outside walls of a frame structure usually have three layers – the siding, sheathing and building paper. Grade No. 2 common softwood is typically used for the siding and sheathing. This grade has solid knots and doesn’t have spaces. Siding is either horizontally or vertically applied. There are various types of bevel and drop siding that can be applied horizontally.

For more information, visit https://toproutertables.com/timber-joint-types/. You will learn what type of timber joint you should use for your woodworking project. This way, you can build tables and other woodworking projects without wasting time, money and effort on the wrong materials.

What are the Top Essential Oil Diffuser Options 2017?

Essential Oil for Diffuser

Essential oils have become very popular due to their benefits. These oils have calming effects and many people use them to have peaceful nights and to control moods. Diffusers are often used to disperse essential oils in the right amount and intervals. These devices allow the fragrance of the selected essential oil to fill a room.

Diffusers can also act as a cheap and natural air purifier. Aside from eliminating unwanted odors and filling the room with fragrance, essential oil diffusers can help remove mildew, mold, viruses, dust and other airborne pathogens. There are different types of top essential oil diffuser options 2017 available, so you have to make sure that you pick the right one.

Fan Diffusers

Fan diffusers blow cool air through an absorbent pad containing the essential oil. These diffusers are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can always find the right one for you.

Lamp Rings

Lamp rings have a ring and a lamp that is usually made of ceramic, terra cotta or metal. The ring that contains the essential oil is put over the lamp. Lamp rings are one of the most affordable diffusers out there. However, these diffusers are also considered not very safe due to the high risk of starting a fire or getting burned.

Candle Diffusers

Candle diffusers use candles to gently heat the selected essential oil. You will find candle diffusers that are made of steel or ceramic. Candle diffusers usually have a tiny pot or bowl where you pour the essential oil. The oil is often diluted in water.

Electric Heat Diffusers

Obviously, electric heat diffusers use heat. A fan is also used to gently disperse the fragrance of essential oils into the room.


Nebulizers turn essential oils into vapor, so a more concentrated fragrance is dispersed into the air. These diffusers have a motorized base and can offer a more serious kind of aromatherapy.

You have to choose from the top essential oil diffuser options 2017 to get the best product. Consider the kind of diffuser that you’d be most comfortable using and the size of your room. If you are worried about the cost, remember that the brand of diffuser, size and type will affect its price. The diffuser’s design can also affect the cost.

Of course, the quality of the diffuser is very important. You want to enjoy aromatherapy for a long time. Consider the materials used in making the essential oil diffuser, so you pick a durable piece. It is not a very good idea to get something that is made of fragile materials. If you knock it over, your diffuser will be broken and no longer work. If you want your diffuser to last, you really need to think about its quality.

Comparing the best essential oil diffusers can help you pick the one that meets your needs and budget. This way, you are assured that you won’t waste money and time on the wrong option. You can also read reviews about the essential oil diffuser that you are interested in.

What to Consider When Purchasing an HVAC System

Choosing an HVAC system for the home is a big decision and not one that consumers should take lightly. There are a few things they need to consider when making this decision so that they choose the best system for their needs.

First of all, homeowners need to make sure they are choosing a system that is the right size for their home. There are different types and sizes of HVAC systems, and one that is too big will use up a lot of energy unnecessarily or will simply cost far more than the homeowner needs to pay in order to keep their home at the right temperature. One that is too small will have to work extra hard to keep up with the temperature needs of the home.

Next, homeowners should consider the rebates that may be available to them. There are often energy saving rebates available from the government that come from buying certain types of environmentally friendly HVAC systems. Consumers need to be aware of these so that they can not only save money but also buy an HVAC system that protects the environment and doesn’t waste energy.

They should also take time to compare prices. They may be able to save money by choosing an HVAC system that is cheaper at one location than another. Not all companies will have the same price on HVAC systems, and homeowners can keep their purchase under budget by comparing prices and trying to get the best rates.

It is also a good idea to use a resource like HVAC in Myrtle Beach to get expert advice on which HVAC unit to choose. HVAC in Myrtle Beach can be expensive, but getting the right one can save homeowners money over the long run. They can enjoy efficient energy production and stable temperature levels with a system that is right for their home. They simply need to take their time to compare what’s out there and ensure they are getting the best deal possible.

Calling experts to find out what they think the homeowner should get is an excellent way to ensure the right choice. The homeowner doesn’t have to go with what the HVAC specialist recommends, but they can at least take their advice into consideration and use their expertise to inform their decision.

CHE Proximity

Created by Bates Wise, this new Victoria office for innovative company CHE Closeness is distinctive and personable office fitout, stimulating team to communicate and discuss tips.

Development forecasters have been forecasting the death of standard office rooms. Although there’s nevertheless a source of gray-dressed “be cubicle” fit outs being used, the following era of workplace rooms is placing fresh ideas into motion. Just to illustrate the CHE Closeness office by Bates Wise.

The brief required a brand new Victoria office for that innovative company, a quick-paced department of the Clemenger Group. The ensuing it out occupies amounts ten and eight of a current South Yarra office building blessed with complete-peak glazing and a hidden layer.

The agency’s concentrate on “creative intelligence” and its collaborative tradition formed the architect’s method of the task. “The most efficient office jobs are brought to the top, where senior administration have believed carefully about how they need the area to function,” claims Grant Filipoff, associate manager at Bates Wise. “Fortunately, that’s what we’d here.”

The starting place was to lessen some surfaces, to motivate teamwork and openness. The rectilinear ground plate had a located raise and provided primary, that was intentionally surrounded by surfaces of pinboard and whiteboard. The uncarpeted first flow room traces through and for this main primary, with open plan workspaces covering around the exterior on both surfaces.

Searching these open plan areas, you will find several closed practices, save for capabilities like fund and recruiting. Refreshingly, senior employees are on the ground also, using the variously designed assembly areas when solitude needs.

The meeting areas differ in dimensions, format, and feeling. In the northeastern part of degree eight, a boardroom rests alongside a set of smaller assembly areas, one with a traditional rectangular desk and also the different with couches and beanbags. As the fit out of those areas is pared-back and easy, a graduated rug provides a fun visual function, moving from the pointed orange in the upper advantage to a citrusy green within the smallest conference space. Big sliding sections enclose the areas and indeed will be retracted when necessary to join the areas to adjoining areas.

The agency’s concentrate on cooperation is probably best summarized from the l shaped restaurant/center region that wraps around the north-western part of degree eight. At one finish may be the sleek party location, while in the different finish is an elegant restaurant-design assembly room with variously designed planters, platforms, chairs, seats, and lounges taking all types of informal discussion, customer conferences and occasions of respite. The area can also be employed for customer events – an area table and team home may increase like the leading club, along with an extra catering house is nicely hidden to maintain litter to some minimum.

“We make reference to this region while the epicenter of the company,” Filipoff claims. “It’s exciting to determine the motion through this room – people arriving and out, usually advancing to various edges and utilizing the room in different ways.” the program actions in across the upper side, by having a large outside patio extending the thickness of the ground. It’s a rare address within an office building.

Probably the most impressive aspect in this area may be the stairway that links both surfaces. Its enclosing breezeblock walls provide the space a beautiful mid-century sense, which offsets the nearly-commercial open providers and real roof above. “The step was meant like a powerful visual component, anything textural inside the room. It generates some divorce, but its openness also triggers the area,” Filipoff claims.

As opposed to incredibly branded rooms, this fit out is controlled throughout. There’s no obvious marketing, and also the scheme uses dark, gray and bright to great impact. “We wished to maintain the system easy and also to create the inside a background for that function they create. There are specific components which have personality, however the actual persona of the area is produced from the group, their result and also the power they produce,” Filipoff claims.

The agreement of the workstations proceeds these suggestions of visibility and cooperation. Tables are organized in linear banks, or “neighborhoods,” without defined limitations. Surfaces are reduced or non-existent, and you will find public tables along with other casual assembly places spread between. Furniture choice was designed towards the reason for each area. “For the creative group, we desired to produce a type of ‘kitchen bench’ setup. The tables are made to experience nearly like you’re focusing on your kitchen bench.”

Dialogue of workplace style developments usually concerns the effect of open plan workspaces on employees’ efficiency. Towards the casual viewer, it appears to work very well below. It’s not loud. However, it is most surely living. There’s an electricity about that location, a tempo of trade and sharing, of percolating ideas.

“The whole concept of the inside was to motivate conversation,” Filipoff claims. “A significant amount of people might cheerfully deliver a contact to somebody resting a few tables away. Occasionally you have to motivate individuals to communicate a bit more, therefore providing them with an area [by which] to obtain together isn’t a poor method to start.”

Buying Property In Andalusia

Obviously, buying property in Andalusia (or perhaps in fact anywhere) is dependent on two factors. Its unique renovations melbourne for the reason that its British colonial heritage to ensure the official language and it has the cheapest population density of all the Central American nations. The best in dote might be among the seven-hundred islands.

Youll find an airport terminal within Almeria. These a few of the fundamental details you should know if this involves purchasing other. Because of British links using the island, the Republic of Cyprus includes a much the same infrastructure those of The UK. Istanbul homes or homes in Italian was once regarded as an costly option by property gurus. Obviously the representation of the real estate agent comes at a price, which generally is a commission around the sales cost from the property.

In comparison with other nations the entire process of purchasing Istanbul apartment in Europe by people from other countries really is easy. The internet estate is well experienced from our property business and knows the best cost from the property for sale Istanbul.

This really is mainly due to non existent sub prime market. To begin with, theres a language barrier that could make things difficult and unless of course youre a native The Spanish language speaker, you will probably find this troubling.

These are merely a couple of from the steps you can take to assist yourself as well as your estate agent if you have a property for sale Istanbul within the Garvey Portugal. If youve been considering buying a house in Bulgaria, this is the time to get it done. By putting a sign outdoors the leading of your property you are able to alert passers by that youre searching to market your home which youre performing a personal purchase. The owner will set their property for sale Istanbul, quite frequently, having a broker and ads is going to be placed to announce the intent to market.

At this time, trading in Luciana rentals are becoming very attractive because the worldwide financial crunch hasnt affected property values here. Buying a house or taking it on rent is really a complicated task, especially when youre new to particular area. The grapes within the wineries vary in quality and taste, thus supplying the possibility for wine, brandy along with champagne of rare types. Likely to buy a ideal home can be very the experience.

Big Savings By Building A Wind Turbine Yourself

Saving money is necessary to everybody which is a reason since some-more as good as some-more people have been determining to to set up a breeze turbine rsther than than profitable for one more details: http://www.energysmart.com.au/.

Making a turbine yourself comes with most good advantages

For starters, commercially finished breeze turbines, whilst fit have been not as in effect as they could be simply since they have been mass-produced. To be equates to to mass furnish something, it needs to be written in a approach which prolongation costs have been drastically reduced; even if which implies giving up a little opening of a product.

It is not which tough to set up a breeze turbine at home. The most necessary components indispensable for a office office office building a whole of a breeze turbine have been singular earth magnets similar to neodymium, glue resin, magnet handle as good as a little plywood. The toughest aspect about office office office building your own breeze turbine is formulating a propeller blades as good as removing a handle windings right so which a appetite being constructed is serviceable in a home.

While we do this you’ll get lots of experience. Even if we have been an zealous do it yourselfer who loves to get his or her hands dirty, there is most zero similar to receiving on a endeavour similar to office office office building a breeze turbine. Right from a start, we will have to have make use of of your hands as good as your conduct to have all line up as good as duty properly. With a assistance of do-it-yourself instructions, a routine is finished most simpler.

Your neighbours will come to we as good as ask we to support them to set up a breeze turbine which they can have make use of of to appetite their households. Because of a unsentimental believe of a office office office building a whole process, we will right away turn a area consultant on renewable power. Be ready to answer people’s questions per a office office office building of your breeze turbine as good as pick intensity questions per home appetite as good as appetite assets techniques.

Preserving a universe is additionally crucial. While not everybody who selects to set up a breeze turbine is we do so out of high regard for a world, a action of saving inlet does have a benefits. The reduction appetite we have been utilizing from a appetite company, a reduction co2 is expelled in to a environment. This equates to a reduction repairs which will be finished to a earth as good as concede arriving generations to wonder at at a existence.

Of march a single could go on as good as on for days deliberating a most benefits of regulating breeze appetite in a home; though it is unequivocally viewable which they transcend a costs.

There’s lots to sense about wind turbine design check out this website right now. You’ll sense all about formulating your own breeze turbine for underneath $200. You can additionally sense about homemade breeze turbine pattern tips here.

Low Vitamin D Linked To Adolescent Obesity

Can low levels of vitamin D increase your child’s risk of getting fat, staying fat, and developing diabetes? New studies suggest the answer may be yes. Positive Health Wellness

A recent study by the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas is the latest of many to show a strong link between vitamin d deficiency and obesity, insulin resistance, and increased risk for the development of type 2 diabetes.

The study, which monitored levels of vitamin D, blood sugar, serum insulin, blood pressure, and dietary habits in a group of several hundred obese children, indicated that the children with the lowest levels of the vitamin were the most obese, had the highest levels of insulin resistance, and were therefore at the greatest risk of having prediabetes.

The study also linked poor dietary habits with low d vitamin levels and diabetes risk. Older children and teenagers in the study group had the lowest levels of the vitamin, due at least in part to skipping breakfast and drinking more soda, the researchers said.

These findings echo those of a 2011 Hasbro University study published in the Journal Of Adolescent Health that found most obese adolescents have insufficient or deficient vitamin D levels. That study also found that raising the levels of the vitamin in obese adolescents was challenging; a standard course of supplemental vitamin D brought only about 43 percent of the obese adolescents to sufficiency levels, and even repeated courses of supplemental vitamin D failed to bring a significant percentage of the subjects to sufficiency.

The incidence of childhood obesity has reached what many experts consider epidemic proportions. According to recent estimates, 18% of US children and adolescents are obese, more than tripling the rate of child/adolescent obesity over the past 40 years. And the epidemic of overweight children isn’t limited to the US; 2011 research by the University of Bristol estimated that childhood obesity is also a problem in the UK, effecting one out of five children there.

How great a role does the sunshine vitamin – or the lack thereof – play in childhood obesity? Experts say that while more research is needed to determine whether vitamin d deficiency is a side effect or a causal factor, the dangers of insufficient levels of the vitamin remain critical to overweight children.

Vitamin D deficiency, once associated primarily with the development of the bone-softening disease rickets, has long been linked to a whole host of serious health problems. In addition to bone and skeletal weakness, low levels of the vitamin are strongly associated with cardiovascular disease, asthma, dental problems, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

The current recommended daily intake of vitamin D is set at 600 IU for children and adults up to 70 years of age, an amount that some experts question as being too low for the population in general and for overweight people in particular, since obesity is believed to interfere with the body’s utilization of the vitamin.

While exposure to sunlight triggers the body to manufacture the vitamin, limited sun exposure due to climate and lifestyle choices can lead to serious deficiency. Parents are urged to encourage their children to get reasonable sun exposure through outdoor play, and to make sure their children’s diet includes foods that have extra vitamin D added (including fortified milk, cereal, and other dairy products.)

How to Know if the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Is a Decent Ionizer

aqua ionizer alkaline water machineOne ionizer that a lot of people are talking about is the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe. This is a device that can make water more alkaline, no matter how acidic it can be. That offers consumers a lot of benefits, helping them appear more youthful, speeding up their metabolism, allowing them to lose more weight than they normally would, promoting bone health and more.

It takes as high quality machine to be able to deliver those kinds of benefits through alkaline water, and not every ionizer is up to the task. That’s why many consumers are being careful about which ionizer they choose. They know they have a lot of choices, and they want to make the right one.

Reading an Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Alkaline Water review can help consumers to make up their mind. The review may contain useful information as it examines the many features of the machine. By reading professional reviews from people who have used the products firsthand, consumers will be able to know how well the ionizer operates and if it is worth their money. Because ionizers can be so expensive, it is important that consumers not buy one they may not be happy with.

So, to determine if the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe is worth their time and money, consumers need to be using resources such as Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Alkaline Water review. Review sites such as these give them in-depth information that can mean the difference between making a purchase they regret and choosing the best ionizer for their home or business.

It is more important than ever to have clean drinking water, as there has been numerous report recently of people who have suffered from the ill effects of polluted drinking water. Most tap water has at least some pollutants, additives or chemicals in it. While some of these may be at acceptable levels, people could often do better by ionizing and purifying their water. To do that effectively, they need an ionizer that can meet their standards and provide crisp, clean water free from pollutants. Is the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe able to do that? Consumers will have to read a review to find out, and then they will be able to make up their mind

What You Need to Know About Furnace Filters

A variety of quality furnace filters are on the market for homeowners of diverse needs and specifications. Furnace filters are either disposable, requiring monthly to bi-monthly changing, or permanent, which can be cleaned as needed. However, most customers will find that the cheaper, disposable furnace filters cost more long-term since they require constant changing. An average-quality, permanent filter can be purchased for an approximately carpet restoration Melbourne equivalent cost to a year’s supply of.

Individual needs of the consumer are the main factor to consider when selecting a furnace filter. Customers with heating-season allergies will need to find a filter designed specifically to eliminate airborne allergens such as pet dander and dust. Some of the the highest-rated allergen filters are the Filtrete Advanced Allergen Filter and the Honeywell Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaner.

Quality is a major factor in selection, and is easily evaluated using the industry rating standard known as MERV: Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This rating is determined based on factors determined by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). A MERV rating ranges from 1-12, with good filters averaging at 8 or above. Filters with a higher MERV rating tend to cost more, but a customer requiring a higher level of air filtration due to allergies or asthma may find that the costlier filter is worth the price.

One of the most popular furnace filter brands on the market is the Filtrete. In addition to high MERV ratings on all their products, Filtrete created their own system for rating filter effectiveness known as Microparticle Performance Rating (MPR). This measures effectiveness in filtering the tiniest particles, sized between 0.3 and 1.0 microns. In theory, this quantifies effectiveness for the sake of comparison, with an MPR of 1000 generally denoting double the effectiveness of a filter rated 500. The highest-quality Filtrete filter is given an MPR of 1500, whereas typical competing filters are rated between 55 and 295.

Filtrete produces a number of high-performance models, including the Dust & Pollen Filter, Micro Allergen Filter, Ultra Allergen Filter, and Advanced Allergen Filter. The Micro Allergen Filter is specifically designed to remove pet dander, which tends to stay in the air much longer than regular dust particles, and is tougher to filter because of its smaller particle size. The Advanced Filter has the highest MERV rating at 12, and consistently receives positive consumer reviews. Filtrete claims the filter is 93% effective in removing even the smallest air impurities, including pet dander, smoke, and even illness-causing bacteria.

Engine Warning Light Potential Problems

A modern day automobile is a complex mishmash of different systems which work in tandem to deliver optimum performance. Car paint protection The engine warning light is an essential component on the dashboard which provides a warning about the engine also termed as the brain of the vehicle. There are many instances when the engine warning light will flash indicating a host of potential problems, including malfunctioning of critical parts which might hamper the performance of the vehicle.

If you notice that the engine light is blinking you should decrease the speed and drive the vehicle to the nearest auto shop for further verification. An automobile is comprised of different sensors supplying critical fuel to the engine while the vehicle is operational and cruising along the highway. If there are issues with one of these sensors such as the oxygen sensor, the engine warning light will blink detecting a problem with the engine. This can go a long way in finding the source of the problem and taking the necessary corrective actions.

Having the proper ratio of oxygen and fuel is a very important element for an engine to have better functionality. Constriction in the supply of oxygen can lead to horrendous consequences for the driver and the vehicle engine. Therefore, periodical cleaning and upkeep is necessary to adhere to the alerts issued by the engine warning light which will help extend the life span of the automobile.

Electronic faults are one of the most common causes responsible for setting off the engine warning light. A complete overhaul of the engine may be necessary to arrive at a definite conclusion as to what may be causing issues. This will enable the owners of the vehicle to check the function of relay switches or other parts, considered to be critical for the smooth operation of an automobiles engine.

The engine warning light is prone to be set off due to circuit faults, even if the engine is performing as per the requirements, creating false panic among drivers. If you have to repair anything related to your engine light you may need to reset the engine light as well. Resetting the engine light seems to solve the issue of the engine light staying on even after engine problem has been fixed. It is extremely crucial to contact a reputable repairing center so that defective parts are replaced with the appropriate components that exhibit an iron clad warrantee from the organization.

Simple Twitter Marketing Tips that Can Help Your Online Business

Twitter, as a social networking site, is not new but its success is. It’s starting to catch up really fast with many celebrities jumping on the bandwagon. Just like any other traffic source, internet marketers learned to use Twitter to bring more customers into their business and make more money. This article will focus in on some techniques like chat with a stranger that you can use to do Twitter marketing the right way.

While most people are spamming their followers with promotional links, you will be adding value. Twitter is a social network, and that means that people have come there to connect. Give them what they want and you will have a group of happy followers. Success on Twitter marketing isn’t about getting the most links out, it’s all about giving value. If you make recommendations then you must also disguise it in your value packed tweets. People will resent you once you come off as a salesman. For your own good, don’t spam Twitter because it will only lead to zero sales and to your account getting suspended. They don’t want unwanted tweets coming their way. This is where helping people out comes into play, once you help someone, you have taken the first step to forming a connection. You can also make money in the process of helping people by sending them to a product that you promote that can give them a better answer to their questions. This will give you a fair advantage over your competition who is trying out direct marketing. Twitter is a very powerful traffic source that can connect you to thousands of people who are active shoppers in your market. Elevate yourself above all of the noise and get-rich-quick schemes, and make some serious money.

The main reason people fail at marketing with Twitter is that their approach has no personal component. Most Twitter users are seeking a social experience when they log on. If you think you can use Twitter to send out spammy messages to lots of people, you’re in the wrong place. Twitter users are sociable and casual. The purpose of the service is to meet others in a friendly environment and get to know people better. So you have to approach them in a friendly and open manner. You have to build up some trust and credibility before people will want to click on your links and read your offers.

It’s all about how you show yourself as a human, not a spam bot. The key is to show your followers that you see them as real people, so that you will not be seen as just another spammer. If you are helpful, friendly and supportive, your messages will be welcome and then people won’t mind if you include some links. There has to be a give and take when it comes to giving information away and promoting.

You should also follow one often neglected rule of Twitter marketing, which is to limit the number of people you follow. What is the reason for this? If you end up with thousands of people following you, your ability to manage your account will suffer. It’s difficult to keep up with large number of followers.

If you have a manageable number of followers, you can respond to individual messages and get to know people. If you are looking to build a list very fast or a large group of followers to sell to then Twitter is definitely the answer. Twitter is there for the taking, and you are now better equipped to make something happen.